Each year, millions of
Americans are incarcerated
due to poorly managed
mental health.

Jails & Prisons

have become the largest

Mental Health

facilities in the U.S.

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As of April 16, 2020, The Equitas Project is now an initiative of Mental Health Colorado, where we will remain a national leader
in mental health and criminal justice reform.

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It’s time to promote Mental Health and Freedom
over Punishment and Incarceration

The Equitas Project unites and educates leaders, advocates, and communities working to
improve health outcomes, preserve public safety, and save taxpayer dollars.

We can do better together.

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Facts Everyone Should Know:

Every year


people are

Prison populations
are at their lowest

since 1996

yet the
United States still
incarcerates more people
than any other nation.

More than

80 Percent

of the 12 million people
serving time in any given
year are doing so for
mental health and
addiction issues.

States with greater


to mental health
services have fewer
incarcerated adults.

Please support efforts
to fix this growing problem

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Across the U.S.,
law enforcement,
judicial system,
mental health,
and bipartisan
community leaders


on how to fix this.
Equitas partners with
these leaders to
accelerate change.


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