In Partnership with the Office of Behavioral Health, Equitas Foundation Hosts Early Diversion Sequential Intercept Model Mapping “Train the Trainers” Workshop

By Dunia Dickey

On August 4th & 5th, twenty-five participants from Colorado rural communities joined the Equitas Foundation, in partnership with the Office of Behavioral Health in the Colorado Department of Human Services, at the Early Diversion Sequential Intercept Model Mapping “Train the Trainers” Workshop in Denver.

This training represents the first phase of the Equitas Foundation’s newest initiative, Diversion Power: Reengineering Care, Law Enforcement & Justice Systems, which empowers Colorado rural C2010-651 communities in designing diversion programs to increase access to treatment and keep people with mental illness, brain challenges and/ or substance use disorder out of the criminal justice system.

This training was led by Policy Research Associates (PRA), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation’s premiere national experts at Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) Mapping.  The aim of SIM Mapping is to conduct an asset and gap analysis to identify where persons with mental illness, brain challenges and/or substance use disorder are falling canada goose Citadel Parka through the cracks of the criminal justice process and identify opportunities for reform based on evidence-based best practices.

Participants comprised law enforcement, parole officers, behavioral health workers, county commissioners and judges from the San Luis Valley, the Southeast, Northeast, Central West regions of Colorado, as well as Mesa and Summit Counties.

This distinguished group of trained facilitators in SIM Mapping is now busy bringing together diverse community stakeholder groups and planning for mapping exercises in the Fall of 2015 and Winter of 2016.  In this second phase of Diversion Power, the Equitas Foundation continues to closely support C2010-652 facilitator teams, providing technical expertise and assisting with mappings going forward.

The Equitas Foundation launched Diversion Power out of the recognition that Colorado rural communities face particular challenges in access to treatment, including vast geographic and transportation challenges, a lack of resources and being underserved by community mental health centers, hospitals and the state-wide crisis stabilization system.  Individuals are often taken to jails on mental health holds, simply due to a lack of other alternatives.  The Equitas Foundation is committed to partnering with rural communities to promote diversion out of the criminal justice system and increasing access to treatment.

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