Colorado Summit Resource Compendium

On August 31st and September 1st, 2016, Equitas Foundation convened hundreds of stakeholders from across the state of Colorado to take on the entanglement of behavioral health and criminal justice and come up with real solutions. As part of that effort, the group contributed to a comprehensive collection of resources from a wide swath of subject areas and projects currently underway in Colorado. Visit the resource catalog here.

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  1. Thank you for inviting me to the Course Corrections summit and for the scholarship. I would like to share a resource that was recently found to significantly reduce recidivism in a large multi-site Australian prison study. SMART Recovery is a abstinence-oriented science- based Four Point self-help program that builds motivation, teaches how to manage urges, general problem-solving and lifestyle balance. SMART also offers InsideOut, a correctional curriculum that includes the above-mentioned Four Point Program plus a module on criminal thinking. InsideOut was developed with NIDA funding; for more information please visit

    SMART is already available in the Denver jail, treatment centers and in communities around Colorado and the world. I would be happy to send a copy of the above-mentioned research abstract regarding the effectiveness of SMART at reducing recidivism if you send me an email.

    1. Doug, we are glad you were able to attend the Summit and hope that it was a productive and inspiring experience. Thank you so much for sharing this resource. We are definitely interested in reviewing and making the research abstract available to others on our website. I will email you directly.

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