A Crop of Reform-Minded Mayors Is Trying to Fix Policing and Fight Mass Incarceration

In their choice of a police chief and through other local initiatives, mayors can make major strides in improving the way their constituents interact with police and the criminal justice system.

“All of the dollars we’re spending to incarcerate people for 15 for 10 [years], if we shorten that and use the savings to invest in transitional or reform projects and alternative sentencing programs, it would be more beneficial for us.”

Mayors intent on criminal-justice reform also emphasize the link between crime and lack of economic opportunity.

For (those) concerned about criminal-justice reform, it’s clear that mayoral elections are key. In the coming year, over 400 mayoral elections will be held. Yes, it’s important to focus on prosecutors, judges, and those elected to federal government. But a crop of reform-minded mayors has made it clear that mayors, too, can make major strides in addressing over-policing and over-incarceration.

From The Nation.

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