Meet Your DA: From FreeAmerica

The title of the elected prosecutor in your state may vary across states — district attorney, state attorney, county attorney, commonwealth attorney — but their responsibility to uphold justice remains the same. The power of prosecutors reaches across communities, into the courtroom, and all the way up to the State Capitol and ballot box. They have the power to decide who gets charged with a crime, and how serious the charges will be. This covers everything from immigration and petty theft to drug laws, environmental crime, and violent acts.

The problem is that most voters don’t know who their DA is or what they stand for.

This year, there are more than 1,000 prosecutor races taking place across 23 states. To bring attention to these critical races, FREEAMERICA is partnering with the American Civil Liberties Union to raise awareness, to incite voters to learn about the candidates on the ballot, and to vote for their district attorneys in the upcoming primary and midterm elections.

To learn more about voting for your local prosecutors, visit:


See all 23 states on FREEAMERICA’s website.

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