Equitas Project Executive Director Vincent Atchity Announces Departure to Lead Mental Health Colorado


Dr. Vincent Atchity

Dr. Vincent Atchity


Vincent Atchity, Executive Director of The Equitas Project, has announced today that he is leaving his role at the organization as of mid-August. Dr. Atchity has served as executive director at Equitas since 2015, and will now be heading Mental Health Colorado as that organization’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

An initiative of the David and Laura Merage Foundation, The Equitas Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, which promotes mental health awareness and champions laws, policies, and practices that prioritize improved population health outcomes, sensible use of resources, and the decriminalization of mental illness.

The David and Laura Merage Foundation has reiterated its commitment to disentangling mental health and criminal justice and its support for the work Dr. Atchity and the Equitas National Advisors have been leading.

To learn more about Equitas, visit our website at www.equitasproject.org and contact us with questions.

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