Help us put an end to our national practice of defaulting to the criminal justice system for mental health treatment. Here are some small steps that you can take to help get us where we need to be:

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  • Help change the conversation around mental health:

    • acknowledge that you, like everyone else, have a mental health condition (sometimes it’s in good condition, other times, not so much!)

    • learn how to talk about mental health and make a point of including the topic in your conversations with friends, family members, coworkers.

  • Take a Mental Health First Aid course. Better yet: bring a friend!

  • Contact your local police or sheriff’s department and ask them if they require their officers to have Crisis Intervention Team Training. Tell them that Crisis Intervention Training can improve the outcomes of an encounter between law enforcement and people with mental illnesses.

  • Register to vote!

  • If your community is already working to reduce the number of people with mental health challenges who are incarcerated, please tell us about it!