The healthiest communities are led 
by people working together to support mental wellness and equity in the justice system.


The Equitas Project
& Course Corrections

Together with communities, The Equitas Project focuses collective problem-solving energy on appropriately supporting people managing their mental health. We can do better than defaulting to mass incarceration.

We can correct course toward health and justice with the help of communities across the country.

Learn more about a past Course Corrections event, read Course Corrections Directives, or join us for a future Course Corrections convening.

This why we created Course Corrections, a series of summits that give leaders—from all sectors of health and justice— an opportunity to step outside of their normal focus areas. With a bigger picture in mind, these leaders come together to collaborate, build consensus, and outline next steps toward healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities.

Course Corrections documents produced out of each conversation literally put community leaders on the same page, empowering shared advocacy in the same straightforward language. By helping produce these co-authored plans and priorities, The Equitas Project elevates better practices and a bold vision, building momentum toward local and national culture change.

Course Corrections Convenings

If you are a stakeholder in local, state, or national health or justice, contact us to plan a regional or sector-based convening.

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Advance, advise, and advocate. Learn how you can support these efforts through a Summit Sponsorship.

Course Corrections Directives

Learn about our community leaders’ top priorities to move toward greater health, justice, and prosperity.

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We believe policy change can give us the power to move our health and justice systems toward equity and fairness, toward practices which do the most good for more people.



We count on individuals like you to propel change in the health and justice systems.