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On November 13 & 14, 2018, the Equitas Project, in collaboration with national law enforcement representatives and leaders, presented a nationwide summit at LAPD Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Course Corrections: National Law Enforcement Summit: From Crisis Intervention to Mental Health and Public Safety set the stage for  85 national law enforcement decision-makers in law enforcement, from regions all across the country, to point the way toward disentangling mental health and criminal justice, and help communities transition from a crisis intervention mode to sustainable health and safety. Participating leaders have contributed to a co-authored national advocacy document identifying priorities set by the group, which is published here.

Participant group photo

Photo credit: LAPD Senior Photographer David Gomez

Representatives from the following organizations participated in the event:

Albany Police Department, American Conservative Union Foundation, Broomfield Police Department, Bureau of Justice Assistance, California Commission on POST, California Highway Patrol, Cañon City Police Department, Center for Court Innovation, Chicago Police Department, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) International, City of Santa Monica, Colorado Department of Public Safety, David and Laura Merage Foundation, Denver District Attorney’s Office, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Fair and Just Prosecution, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Hillsboro Police Department (Oregon), Los Angeles District Attorney, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigations, Los Angeles Police Department, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) National Support Bureau, Lima Police Department, Lincoln Police Department, Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office, Longmont Police/Fire/OEM/Emergency Communications Center, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Police Department – Detective Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department – Mental Evaluation Unit, National Association of Counties, New York City Police Department, New York County District Attorney’s Office, Office of the San Diego County District Attorney, Police Assisted Addiction & Recovery Initiative (PAARI), Portland Police Bureau, Redondo Beach Police Department, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, San Francisco Police Department, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office, Seattle Police Department, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, The Equitas Project, University of Chicago Police Department

View the event program.

Compendium of Resources

From CIT International:

CIT International / Facilitating Understanding, Development, and Implementation of Crisis Intervention Teams

CIT is a program that provides the foundation necessary to promote community and statewide solutions to assist individuals with a mental illness and/or addictions.  CIT reduces both stigma and need for further involvement with the criminal justice system.  CIT provides a forum for effective problem solving regarding the interaction between the criminal justice and mental healthcare systems and creates the context for sustainable change.

From Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP):

Blogs and Op-Eds.

Interviews regarding implementing and expanding mental health response programs, what challenges have come up, and the benefits seen:

From Los Angeles Police Department:

CAMP productivity award write-up

2007 CAMP NaCo Award POLICE Magazine Article REAL program (3 year eval)

DB Notice Determination of Persons Suspected of Suffering from a Mental Illness


HIPAA Guide – Law Enforcement

Inmate classification Screening form

LA County Arrestee Medical Screening Form

Law Enforcement Mental Health Learning Sites Los Angeles

MEU 911 checklist final English & MEU 911 checklist Spanish final & 911 Final Mental Checklist Spanish 1

MEU LAPD Community Resource Tri-Fold 3.0 4-2018 & MEU LAPD Community Resource Tri-Fold Spanish 05092018

MEU Program Outline (April 2018) & Origin of MEU


Web Links below suggested by LAPD and Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA):

CSG Justice Center | Collaborative Approaches to Public Safety

The Council of State Governments Justice Center is a national nonprofit organization that serves policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels.

Law Enforcement Mental Health Learning Sites | CSG Justice Center

The Law Enforcement/Mental Health learning sites collectively reflect the range of strategies a law enforcement agency might consider when developing a collaborative initiative to address the needs of individuals who have mental illnesses in their community.

pmhctoolkit home

Located across the country, these learning sites represent a diverse cross-section of perspectives and program examples and are dedicated to helping other jurisdictions improve their responses to people with mental illnesses.


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Reducing Veteran Suicide through 21st Century MET Outreach Strategies – FINAL

Read the March Washington Post article about the VMET Outreach program.

VMET Announcement in Los Angeles County (first in nation)


Lincoln, Nebraska Police Department:

POLICE Magazine Article

REAL program (3 year eval)



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Presenting Keynote Speaker Judge Steven Leifman
Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida


From 2007 – 2010, Miami-Dade County Judge Steve Leifman served as Special Advisor on Criminal Justice and Mental Health for the Supreme Court of Florida. In this capacity, Judge Leifman was responsible for chairing the Court’s Mental Health Subcommittee, which authored a ground-breaking report entitled, Transforming Florida’s Mental Health System. This report outlines recommendations with the goal of decreasing inappropriate and costly involvement of people with mental illnesses in the justice system. Since 2010, Judge Leifman has chaired the Florida Supreme Court’s Task Force on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in the Court.

Due to his expertise in the areas of criminal justice and mental health, Judge Leifman has been appointed to serve in a variety of capacities on local, state, and national bodies. In recognition of his tireless efforts, Judge Leifman has received numerous awards including the 2015 William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence. One of the nation’s highest judicial honors, the Rehnquist Award is presented annually to a state court judge who exemplifies judicial excellence, integrity, fairness, and professional ethics.

Judge Leifman has also been featured in many national and local television programs, radio programs, and articles regarding mental health and the criminal justice system.

Leifman was featured in a recent article by The Crime Report for his work on the nation’s first “forensic diversion” center in Miami.
Read the full article here.

Resources from Judge Steven Leifman can be found below:

Diversion Facility Capacity and Fiscal Impact Estimates

Heavy users data Miami-Dade

MDFAC Outcomes Poster RMC

Mental Health Diversion Facility Overview 2017

Miami’s Model for Decriminalizing Mental Illness in America from Governing

New England JM 2016

Program Description 2018


Learn more about our planning partners:



Cook County Sheriff’s Office

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Bureau

Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

National Sheriffs Association

New York Police Department (NYPD)

The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI)



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Nov 13 - 14 2018


Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California