Course Corrections: Jefferson County Summit on Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice


Course Corrections: Jefferson County Summit on Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice was held on June 5, 2017 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Participants from the county and across the state of Colorado met to discuss barriers and priorities for future work at the intersection of behavioral health and criminal justice in Jefferson County. Information on presentations and resources can be found on our Resource Compendium page.


In 2016, members of the Mental Health Substance Abuse Subcommittee of the Jefferson County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee completed a system mapping project. This project created a comprehensive map of Jefferson County’s criminal justice system, helping to identify how people with behavioral health concerns flow through the system. This Summit is a key step in the mapping project.




Meet the Keynote Speakers


Morning Keynote Speaker:

Supervising Attorney Jose Egurbide

Jose A. Egurbide

Supervising Attorney
Neighborhood Justice Program
Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office



Jose A. Egurbide is the Supervising Attorney for the Los Angeles City Attorney Neighborhood Justice Program (NJP). Jose spearheaded the planning and implementation of NJP, which launched in late 2014.

NJP is a pre-filing alternative prosecution diversion program using Restorative Justice principles to successfully divert first-time, non-violent misdemeanor offenders away from the Criminal Justice system. Eligible participants are offered a chance to take responsibility for their actions, repair any harm they caused their victims and/or the community, and receive services aimed at addressing dynamic risk factors and reducing recidivism.

Jose’s professional experience includes 22 years as a public prosecutor with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. From 1995 to 1998 Jose prosecuted over 40 jury trials, then began heading up federally-funded and local crime reduction/neighborhood revitalization projects throughout Los Angeles. In 2006, while supervising the City Attorney’s Skid Row Safer City Initiative (SCI), Jose initiated an unprecedented collaboration pilot named Project HALO (Homeless Alternatives to Living Outdoors/On the street). Jose was subsequently named Chief of the School Safety Division before joining the Complex and Special Litigation section from 2009-2014.

Jose is a graduate of Yale University and received his Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law.






Afternoon Keynote Speaker:


Detective Charles Dempsey

Charles Dempsey

Detective III
Mental Evaluation Unit
Los Angeles Police Department


Detective Charles Dempsey is the Officer-in-Charge of the Administrative Training Detail, Mental Evaluation Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. He has over twenty-eight years of law enforcement experience with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Department of Defense. He has an Associate’s Degree in Science in Nursing, a certificate from the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center (German), studies in Urban Geography and Foreign Languages (Spanish), and has completed the Clinical Training Program at the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Menlo Park, California.

In his role at the Los Angeles Police Department, Detective Dempsey is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of the Department’s training curricula regarding police interactions with persons experiencing mental illness. Furthermore, Dempsey reviews and writes the Department’s policies and procedures involving interactions with these individuals. Detective Dempsey is a member of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), Innovations Committee (Sacramento, CA), and a member of the Los Angeles County System Leadership Team (SLT), which is charged with considering innovative solutions to assist those experiencing a mental illness in the State of California and the County of Los Angeles.

Additionally, Detective Charles Dempsey has given expert witness testimony in state/federal civil trials regarding police response to persons with a mental illness.






The Summit

The Jefferson County Summit on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice will provide a timely opportunity for community partners to:

  • Identify local and national best practices for
    • managing behavioral health
    • reducing incarceration
    • promoting public safety and prosperity
  • Address data needs and communications challenges
  • Align and focus policy reform efforts
  • Prioritize necessary course corrections
  • Promote bold local community targets for reform

At this event, Jefferson County’s cross-system leaders and community agencies will present work in progress, build and solidify broad support for coordinated efforts to overcome common barriers, and situate their community-based behavioral health and criminal justice reform initiatives on a shared roadmap to a healthier, equitable and sustainably prosperous county.

View the agenda.


Who Attended?

Members of agencies and organizations, across all sectors representing both Jefferson County and the state of Colorado, that are committed to improved management of behavioral health for the sake of promoting public safety and prosperity, and for reducing incarceration and over-use of the criminal justice system.


18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office; 1st Judicial District Attorney – Diversion; 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office; 1st Judicial District Probation; 1st Judicial District Problem Solving Courts; Adams County District Attorney’s Office; Arvada Municipal Court; Arvada Police Department; Aurora Research Institute; Beacon Health Options; Behavioral Treatment Services; City of Lakewood; City of Lakewood Municipal Court; Colorado Access; Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council; Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition; Colorado Department of Human Services; Colorado District Attorneys’ Council; Colorado Division of Adult Parole; Colorado Division of Criminal Justice; Colorado State Public Defender; Colorado-CURE; Correctional Psychology Associates; County Sheriffs of Colorado; Denver Count District Attorney’s Office; Drug Policy Alliance; Equitas; First Judicial District Probation Department; Foothills Behavioral Health Partners; Intervention; Intervention Community Corrections Services; Jefferson Center for Mental Health ;Jefferson County Attorney’s Office; Jefferson County Human Services; Jefferson County Justice Services; Jefferson County Pretrial Services; Jefferson County Schools; Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office; Lakewood Police; Lakewood Police Department; Larimer County; Larimer County Criminal Justice Services; Law Office of Jennifer E. Longtin; Levin Sitcoff, PC; Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office; Los Angeles Police Department; Mental Health Colorado; Merage Foundations; Mile High Behavioral Healthcare/Comitis Crisis Center; Office of Behavioral Health; Servicios de La Raza; Signal Behavioral Health Network; University of Denver; Wheat Ridge Municipal Court

Event Objectives:

  • Establish a common language for advancing the objectives of a thriving community.
  • Produce a high-level regional roadmap to health, justice, and prosperity.
  • Identify and promote best practices in improving behavioral health outcomes and reducing the human costs of criminal justice, law enforcement and emergency response involvement in behavioral health crises.
  • Acknowledge known obstacles to the implementation of best practices for managing behavioral health and reducing incarceration, and describe pathways to overcoming or circumventing these.
  • Highlight, refine, and disseminate successful local and regional behavioral health management strategies that are data-driven, population-specific, collaborative and multi-disciplinary.




Jun 05 2017


Jefferson County Fair
Jefferson County, Colorado

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