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Disentangling Mental Health and Criminal Justice During COVID-19
On The Definition of Insanity
Meet Our Newest Team Member: Kaream Reid, Equitas Marketing Assistant
A COVID-19 Update
Mario Drops New Visual/Song, Announces Partnership with Equitas
Equitas National Advisor Rick Raemisch Reduced Solitary Confinement in Colorado by 98%. He’s Just Been Named Public Official of the Year.
Law Enforcement Leaders Agree: Communities Must Step Up to Address Mental Health Needs Preventatively
Judge Steven Leifman Receives Pardes Humanitarian Prize for Helping Thousands Towards Mental Health Instead of Incarceration
Coordination and Communication are Key to Improving Mental Health and Criminal Justice in America
National Public Defenders Summit Directives Document Now Available
Meet Equitas Project Summer 2018 Undergraduate Intern Zena Jahmi
Meet the Equitas Project Summer 2018 Practicum Student Lindsay Houston
Meet Equitas Project Summer 2018 Undergraduate Intern Sarah Wiener
Mental Health Awareness Month 2018
Spring in Review: Disentangling Mental Health & Criminal Justice with the State of Indiana and with National Public Defenders
Expanding the Presence of Law Enforcement in Schools Takes Us Farther Off Course
Expanding Jail-Based Competency Restoration Takes Us Farther Off Course
Year in Review 2017
Supported Employment (Part II)
Equitas Intern Plans to Bring Passion for Advocacy to Colorado’s Capitol Hill
NDEAM: Recovery, Success, and the Value of Work
Public Health 101: Upstream Interventions
July is National Minority Mental Health Month
Meet Caleigh Cassidy: Equitas’ Summer Intern
A Case for Supportive Housing
2017’s Legislative Successes in Colorado
Colorado Takes a Meaningful Step Toward Health Care, Not Jail, for People in Crisis
Mental Health Awareness Every Day
Equitas Hosts Two Regional Summits on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice
Course Corrections: Mid-Atlantic Summit on Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice
Equitas Travels to Bexar County
Colorado Mental Health Hold Task Force Recommendations
Vital Investments: Access to Coverage and Care
Severe Mental Illness and the Death Penalty
Early Childhood Interventions
Colorado Course Corrections 2016
Excellence in the Promotion of Health Equity Award Presented to Vincent Atchity at 2016 Public Health in the Rockies Conference
Equitas Foundation Announces Colorado Summit on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice
Thoughts on SB 169
Equitas Foundation to Attend National Summit to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails
Colorado’s 18th Judicial District Wellness Court Forms Clinical Advisory Committee to Ensure Best Practices in Managing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders
Vincent Atchity Named Executive Director of Equitas Foundation
Judge Roxanne Bailin Reflects on Distinguished Career Leading Boulder County Diversion Reform Efforts
In Partnership with the Office of Behavioral Health, Equitas Foundation Hosts Early Diversion Sequential Intercept Model Mapping “Train the Trainers” Workshop
Equitas Foundation Launches Diversion Power: Reengineering Care, Law Enforcement & Justice Systems
Launch of Stepping Up: A National Initiative to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails
S. 993 The Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health Act of 2015
Sheehan’s Shooting: Is There a Better Way?
Correcting Corrections
City Streets on a Rainy Night
Equitas Foundation Gathers

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