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On The Definition of Insanity
Why Re-Arrest Doesn’t Mean You’re a Failure
Arrest, Release, Repeat: How police and jails are misused to respond to social problems
From NHPR: UNH Asks: What Is A Criminal?
From Florida Phoenix: Florida leaders consider better approaches to handle the mentally ill’s revolving jail door
USA Today Opinion: To fight opioid epidemic, treat drug use with compassion, not judgment
‘Answer is not building better jails’ – From Lee Provost at The Daily Journal
Equitas Executive Director Vincent Atchity appears on panel – Mental Health: A Crisis in Colorado
Forbes: How Does A Pipeline Of New Treatments For Mental Health Combat Stigma?
Mental Health Colorado “scores” state lawmakers
Trump pardons Pat Nolan, former GOP lawmaker taken down in FBI’s ‘Shrimpscam’ probe
Swath of legislation reforming Colorado’s criminal justice system to affect tens of thousands
Think you need mental health care? Here’s a place to start
Report: U.S. Incarceration Falls to 20-Year Low
Giving ex-convicts healthcare helps all of us
Los Angeles chooses mental health treatment over jail
Mentally ill homeless people keep going to jail. But a study says L.A. County can fix that
Mario Drops New Visual/Song, Announces Partnership with Equitas
Equitas Executive Director Interviewed on Wrongful Conviction // Season 8 Episode 4 // Disentangling Mental Health & Criminal Justice
Jailing people with mental illness is a national problem. The solutions are local.
Coordination and Communication are Key to Improving Mental Health and Criminal Justice in America
National Public Defenders Summit Directives Document Now Available
The Unsung Role That Ordinary Citizens Played in the Great Crime Decline
We need to rethink how we classify mental illness
Vera Institute: Out of Sight
We Asked What It’s Like to Have a Mental Illness in Prison
Media’s Damaging Depictions of Mental Illness
Let’s Call Mental Health Stigma What it Really Is: Discrimination
I Escaped My Manic Demons, but My Clients Usually Can’t
Film: God Knows Where I Am
How much do incarcerated people earn in each state?
The Prison-Health Paradox
When a drug epidemic’s victims are white
We spend $100 billion on policing. We have no idea what works.
He Was Saved From Homelessness But Will This Recovery Program Survive Anticipated Cuts?
More People Die in Police Encounters Than We Thought
Psychiatrists Must Face Possibility that Medications Hurt More than they Help
Drug companies prey on children
Mass incarceration and children’s outcomes: Criminal justice policy is education policy
Mental Health America’s Report: The State of Mental Health in America 2017
Strategies, Tools for Educators to Dismantle School-to-Prison Pipeline
New Report Examines Country’s Racial Wealth Divide
13 Important Questions About Criminal Justice We Can’t Answer
Colorado’s new mental health task force to begin meeting in August
Are Traffic Stops Prone to Racial Bias?
It’s Time to Ask the Question: What are Prisons For?
High School Suspensions Cost The Country $35 Billion Annually, Report Estimates
Cuomo, in State of the State Speech, Unveils $20 Billion Housing Plan
NYC Bets Big on “Supportive Housing” to Curb Homelessness
For Homeless Photographers, Pride of Place in Paris
New York Explains Itself
With Shelters Full, Denver Homeless Seek Refuge From Record Cold
Risk Model Seen as Reducing Military Suicides
Taking on the Stigma of Schizophrenia
Goldman Sachs, Hedge Fund Billionaire Back $27M Social Impact Bond

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