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On The Definition of Insanity
Arrest, Release, Repeat: How police and jails are misused to respond to social problems
From NHPR: UNH Asks: What Is A Criminal?
From Florida Phoenix: Florida leaders consider better approaches to handle the mentally ill’s revolving jail door
Policing Reform Essential to Address Mass Incarceration
Equitas Executive Director Vincent Atchity appears on panel – Mental Health: A Crisis in Colorado
Oregon Governor Signs Bill To Track Info About Jail Inmates
Does our county really need a bigger jail?
Report: U.S. Incarceration Falls to 20-Year Low
Giving ex-convicts healthcare helps all of us
Mentally ill homeless people keep going to jail. But a study says L.A. County can fix that
Law Enforcement Leaders Agree: Communities Must Step Up to Address Mental Health Needs Preventatively
Jailing people with mental illness is a national problem. The solutions are local.
Coordination and Communication are Key to Improving Mental Health and Criminal Justice in America
‘Silence can be deadly’: 46 officers were fatally shot last year. More than triple that — 140 — committed suicide.
How I Learned Not to Call 911
A Crop of Reform-Minded Mayors Is Trying to Fix Policing and Fight Mass Incarceration
Colo. sheriff’s office to pair mental health specialists with deputies
Mental health and substance-use disorders are growing problems in Colorado. Pairing police with mental health professionals could help.
America’s Most Feminist Police Department
Sheriffs Lead the Way
Cops and the Mentally Ill: Finding a New Approach
Police Unions Join Forces to Rally for Mental Health Reform
How Mental-Health Training for Police Can Save Lives—and Taxpayer Dollars
For Four Days, She Was at His Side as He Descended Into Madness
US police forces are practicing mindfulness to reduce officers’ stress—and violence
Reducing Recidivism: States Deliver Results
When Warriors Put on the Badge
Colorado would outlaw using jails for mental health holds, increase services under $9.5 million proposal
My Damn Mind (This American Life)
Nashville to build first-of-its-kind health center for mentally ill arrestees
A New Day for Mental Health: Author and advocate Pete Earley reflects on passage of mental health reform
When Police Deal With People Who Have Mental Health Issues
Autism Community Angered by Mesa Police Shooting of Transgender Man in Viral Video
How to Stop the Dangerous “Revolving Door” of Jailing the Mentally Ill
Massachusetts Chief’s Tack in Drug War: Steer Addicts to Rehab, not Jail
Where Police Violence Encounters Mental Illness
Outsourcing the Mentally Ill to Police
U.S. Police Get Little Training to Handle Crises with Mentally Ill
Advocates Say Chicago Police Training Has Languished
How Memphis Has Changed the Way Police Respond to Mental Health Crises
Police Leaders Join Call to Cut Prison Rosters
The Counted: Are US Police Hiding Behind “Suicide by Cop” Shootings?
Actors, Mentally Ill Aid NYC Police Training Meant to Calm
Mental Health Nurses Team Up With Police in “Street Triage”
LA Police Unit Works to Get Treatment for Mentally Ill Instead of Jail Time
In Los Angeles, A National Model for How to Police the Mentally Ill
Canon City Police: Suicidal Man Threw Knives at Officers Before Arrest
Suspect Fatally Shot by Detectives in East Village Had a Mental Illness and a Troubled Past
Memphis Police Could Provide Example for Cleveland Officers on How to Respond to Mentally Ill
The Social Worker in the Patrol Car
Methods That Police Use on the Mentally Ill Are Madness
Milwaukee Panel Upholds Dismissal of Police Officer Over Fatal Shooting
In San Antonio, Anthony Hill Would Have Been Helped, Not Shot
How Police Can Stop Shooting People With Disabilities
Denver Sheriff Department Jail Operations Performance Audit Calls for CIT Training of All Deputies
Experts Clash Over Video of Dallas Police Shooting Mentally Ill Man
Pheonix Police Assemble Dedicated Mental Health Squad
ID’s Released of DeKalb Officer and Naked, Unarmed Man He Killed
LA Police Chief: Man Killed on Skid Row Reached for Gun
How Broomstick-Swinging, Mentally-Ill Man Ended up Shot Dead by Police
Bemidji, Minnesota Asks: Can We Keep the Mentally Ill Out of Jail?
Officers Charged with Murder
There is No Police Exception to the Americans With Disabilities Act
Seattle Police Chafe Under New Marching Orders
Therapists in Blue
Proposed Smoking Ban on the 16th Street Mall — Letters to the Editor
Conflicts in New York City Parks as Homeless Population Rises
The Impact of Mental Illness on Law Enforcement Resources
Beyond CIT: Tuscon’s Mental Health Support Team Lets Officers More Effectively Help the Mentally Ill
Partners In Justice- “Training for Law Enforcement Officers on People with Intellectual Disabilities”
Blueprint for Success: The Bexar County Model Toolkit
Criminal Justice System and ASDs
Today’s Heroin Addict Is Young, White And Suburban
NAMI Promotes Expansion of CITs During Congressional Hearing
Healthcare Not Handcuffs
Mental Health Diversion Practices: A Survey of the States
Rethinking the Blues: How We Police in the U.S. and at What Cost
Training U.S. Correctional Officers in Mental Health Emergency Response Using the Memphis Crisis Intervention Team Model
CIT Tool Kit-Criminalization Facts
Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses
Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements

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