Support for the development of healthful behaviors and practices, and for mental and emotional health in early childhood is a vital cornerstone for lifelong wellbeing and prosperity. One in five children experience mental and emotional challenges. Age-appropriate therapeutic care, combined with loving support from caregivers and mentors, can help children better manage and sometimes completely overcome these challenges. Young children who develop emotional skills like resilience may be more successful in school, will be better able to form and maintain positive relationships, and will ultimately be better prepared to make their way in the world as successful citizens. Supporting human development in childhood is one of the best ways to ensure future success for families, communities, and the country. Some communities in the United States are already exploring programs to improve childhood mental health outcomes, but we still have a long way to go.

Policies affecting children have impacts that last a lifetime.

Our Priorities:

  • Expand access to mental and behavioral health education, support, and care for children and families
  • Expand access to quality early childcare and education for all working parents

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