Course Corrections Summits convene key community and sector leadership, highlight outstanding programs, and build strategic communication bridges that unite allies in disentangling mental health and criminal justice along an expanded community health continuum. These events serve to build consensus and strategic alignment, transforming community perceptions of health, justice, and effective intervention strategies for the vulnerable.

Course Corrections Summits provide opportunities for sector-based and regional partners to:

  • Identify local and national best practices for:
    • Managing mental health and addiction
    • Reducing incarceration
    • Promoting public safety and prosperity
  • Address data needs and communications challenges
  • Align and focus policy reform efforts
  • Prioritize necessary course corrections
  • Promote bold state and local targets for reform

Who Should Attend?

Agencies and organizations representing communities that are committed to improved management of mental health for the sake of promoting public safety and prosperity, and for reducing the over-use of the criminal justice system.

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Course Corrections Directives

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Colorado Course Corrections: Steps to Health and Justice Document

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  • Connect with decision-makers, leaders, and implementation experts in criminal justice and behavioral health reform.
  • Promote your leadership mission in a national series of Course Corrections convenings.
  • Keep your name in front of representatives from an array of subject areas, from policy and government, to law, social programs, and private and public entities from across the nation.
  • Gain exposure beyond the event through The Equitas Project’s social media and press releases, as well as branded promotional materials.

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