Help us put an end to our national practice
of using the criminal justice system
to manage mental health.


The Equitas Project & Grassroots

Ending multigenerational cycles of incarceration, poverty, and poor health outcomes early on, not only costs communities less funding but captures greater human potential long-term.

By mobilizing grassroots support, Equitas empowers the public to transform their local community’s approach to mental health.

In America, our health and justice systems are neither healthy nor just. The Equitas Project counts on people like you to call for real change to these systems.

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If your community is already working to reduce the number of people with mental health challenges who are incarcerated, please tell us about it!

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Help us further our mission by considering a gift to The Equitas Project. Your contribution will go toward improving health and justice coordination in communities across America.


We work directly with community leaders to support mental wellness and increase equity in the justice system, ultimately creating positive change in our communities.


influencing policy

We believe policy change can give us the power to move our health and justice systems toward equity and fairness, toward practices which do the most good for more people.