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Past Events


Course Corrections: National Public Defenders Summit on Mental Health & Criminal Justice
March 28 & 29, 2018
Denver, Colorado



15th Annual Mental Health and Criminal Justice Summit
 in Partnership with NAMI Indiana
March 23, 2018
Indianapolis, Indiana

Course Corrections document coming soon! 


Bexar County's Center for Health Care Services Campus: Haven for Hope

Site Visits: Bexar County, Texas – A visit to The Restoration Center and Haven for Hope (Center for Health Care Services)
Equitas has convened major Colorado stakeholders in San Antonio (Bexar County) three times in the past four years, most recently in January, 2018.

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See a roster of past participants.

Read more about our 2017 visit.



Course Corrections: National Summit on Mental Health & Criminal Justice Law & Policy
Georgetown University, Washington, DC
January 17 & 18, 2018




2nd National Conference of the Smart Decarceration Initiative
Tools and Tactics: Promising Solutions to Advance the Era of Smart Decarceration

November 2-4, 2017

University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

See the program. View the highlights.

Learn more here.
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Course Corrections: Milwaukee Summit on Mental Health & Criminal Justice
October 11, 2017
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

View the Milwaukee Summit Compendium.

Course Corrections Milwaukee Document now available!


Course Corrections Colorado: Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice
Wednesday, June 28
Monday, July 10
Tuesday, July 11

Celebrate the year’s progress…stay the course for the year ahead!



Beyond the Basics: Meeting the Behavioral Health Needs of Justice-Involved Individuals
June 8-9, 2017
John Jay College of Criminal Justice





Course Corrections: Jefferson County Summit on Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice
June 5, 2017
Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Review the Resource Compendium.

(Course Corrections Document TBA)



Global Summit On Mental Health Culture Change

Many well-respected organizations around the world are focusing on mental health in new and innovative ways. Some of these efforts are making great strides in the areas of research and service delivery. But no convening has brought together thought leaders, stakeholders, policy makers and change agents to focus exclusively on addressing culture as a primary barrier to changing the way we think about, talk about and address emotional well-being and mental health.

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CC-Mid-Atlantic logoCourse Corrections: Mid-Atlantic Summit on Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice 
March 22 – 23, 2017
Offices of the National Association of Counties

Visit the resource compendium.

Read the Mid-Atlantic Course Corrections Document.


14th Annual Mental Health and Criminal Justice Summit: Course Corrections in Partnership with NAMI Indiana

Read the Indiana Course Corrections Document.




Religious Leaders Dialogue on the Death Penalty

February 6, 2017
Washington National Cathedral
Washington, D.C.


National Summit on Severe Mental Illness & the Death Penalty: December 6-7, 2016 (Learn More)
(View Compendium)

View the SMI & DP Course Corrections Document.




Course Corrections: Colorado Summit on Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice
August 31 – September 1, 2016 (Learn More) 

(View Compendium)

View the Colorado Course Corrections Document.



These events focus collective problem-solving energy on managing behavioral health challenges and recommending state and local course corrections for reducing the over-use of the criminal justice system and cultivating the health and prosperity of our communities.

Course Corrections Summits provide opportunities for regional partners to:

    • Identify local and national best practices for:
      • managing behavioral health
      • reducing incarceration
      • promoting public safety and prosperity
    • Address data needs and communications challenges
    • Align and focus policy reform efforts
    • Prioritize necessary course corrections
    • Promote bold state and local targets for reform

Who Should Attend?

Agencies and organizations across all sectors, representing all communities that are committed to improved management of behavioral health for the sake of promoting public safety and prosperity, and for reducing the over-use of the criminal justice system.

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  • Connect with decision-makers, leaders, and implementation experts in criminal justice and behavioral health reform.
  • Promote your leadership mission in a national series of Course Corrections convenings.
  • Keep your name in front of representatives from an array of subject areas, from policy and government to law, social programs, and private and public entities from across the nation.
  • Gain exposure beyond the event through Equitas’ social media and press releases, as well as branded promotional materials.

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