Equitas is pleased to announce our participation in and sponsorship of the upcoming Change Direction – Global Summit for Mental Health Culture Change on May 1-3, 2017. Equitas’ Executive Director Vincent Atchity is scheduled to introduce a video from mental health champion Miami-Dade County 11th District Court Judge Steven Leifman on May 3, and will be featured as a sponsor in Change Direction publications surrounding the event.

Advocating for health and safety and an end to mass incarceration, Equitas occupies a unique space amid the scheduled lineup of conversations on community activation, corporate culture change, early childhood mental health, veteran mental health, and partnership with the entertainment industry. When close to half of our nation’s incarcerated population suffer from untreated mental illnesses, when more people with mental illnesses receive treatment in jails than mental health facilities, we must recognize the gap between where we say we want to be as a nation and where we must strive to improve. We can do better than jails.



Global Summit On Mental Health Culture Change


Many well-respected organizations around the world are focusing on mental health in new and innovative ways. Some of these efforts are making great strides in the areas of research and service delivery. But no convening has brought together thought leaders, stakeholders, policy makers and change agents to focus exclusively on addressing culture as a primary barrier to changing the way we think about, talk about and address emotional well-being and mental health.


To address this gap, Give an Hour (the backbone organization behind the Campaign to Change Direction) created The Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change to showcase successful efforts, forge new alliances and create a strategic vision to eradicate the fear, shame and guilt that prevents those who are suffering from receiving the compassionate care they deserve. Culture change will bring lasting change.


Three Engaging and Inspiring Days of Culture Change

Los Angeles, California


May 1: Red Carpet Film Event for Oren Moverman’s film, The Dinner, starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Steve Coogan, Cloe Sevigny and Rebecca Hall.


May 2: A Day to Change Direction Events that will engage county, corporate, non-profit and celebrity partners in partnership with Los Angeles County.

Join Equitas’ team on May 2 or register your group to participate, today!


May 3: The Global Summit. The entertainment community joins thought leaders and stakeholders for a day filled with conversations, performances and experiences. The goal of this unique Summit is to explore cultural barriers across and within groups – and to examine innovative programs, inspirational efforts and unique opportunities. The goal is to Change Direction – so that we move forward to build a global culture in which all in need are able to seek and receive the care and support they deserve.

Register to attend, today! There is no charge to attend this event.


This event sponsored by Equitas.