Health Care

Access to quality affordable health care from one end of the lifespan to the other, especially preventative care, is a vital cornerstone of our individual and community wellbeing. When it comes to the health of our minds, especially, Americans do not have equal access to quality care or therapeutic support. Cutting-edge research in medical science for physical health is far ahead of developments in brain science. To help make health and wellbeing truly accessible to everyone, we must actively promote equal availability of mental and physical health care, and invest in the scientific research that will continually improve health care quality and delivery. The bright future of our communities depends on it.

Health care policy reform is vital to guaranteeing increased access. Enforcing existing rules, like Parity Law, is a good place to start.

Our Priorities:

  • Improve access to psychiatric beds and quality, affordable mental health & addiction care
  • Incentivize brain and behavior research
  • Increase capacity and scope of crisis response and crisis stabilization centers to support health, safety, and liberty

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