Policy change gives us the power to move health and justice systems toward equity and fairness.


The Equitas Project
Influences Policy

Policy change is one of several key strategies to course correct our practices toward greater health, justice, and prosperity.
Best practices and great policies are already in place in some communities. Others are being studied now.
Informing policymakers, spreading awareness, inspiring public support, and activating influential leaders are key ingredients to create change all across the country.



While preserving a nonpartisan agenda, The Equitas Project helps local and state communities define the elements of a just and prosperous society—one that prioritizes mental wellness over punishment and confinement.
We help leaders across the country accelerate policy change and practice reform by:
  • Creating a shared language for advocacy
  • Building consensus and multi-sector coalitions
  • Getting the thoughtful recommendations of allied leaders into the hands of policy makers

Learn more about our 2020 Strategy here.

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We work directly with community leaders to support mental wellness and increase equity in the justice system, ultimately creating positive change in our communities.


energize & mobilize grassroots

We count on individuals like you to call for changes to the health and justice systems.