Mid-Atlantic Summit Compendium of Resources

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Keynote: Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, Cook County Sheriff, Cook County, IL


Sheriff Thomas Dart has made national news as a law enforcement reformer working to end the over-incarceration of the mentally ill through an array of interventions. See Sheriff Dart’s Mental Health Template.

Sheriff Dart gave the Keynote address at the Course Corrections: Mid-Atlantic Summit on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice at the National Association of Counties on March 22, 2017.


Sheriff Tom Dart has lived a life dedicated to effecting change, protecting the unprotected and fighting for social justice.

After serving the community as a prosecutor and state legislator, Sheriff Dart ran for Cook County Sheriff in 2006 on a promise of using this platform to advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable and neglected communities. In the ensuing years, he has fulfilled that promise by enacting meaningful social justice reforms, and has rewritten the book on what a Sheriff can accomplish.

In particular, Sheriff Dart’s restorative justice vision has reduced the number of non-violent offenders detained at Cook County Jail – the largest in the nation – while spreading awareness nationally of the ongoing criminalization of mental illness. In 2015, he worked to enact the Rocket Docket into law, which has resulted in the faster disposition of retail theft and criminal trespassing cases through the system.

In 2009, TIME Magazine named Sheriff Dart one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, thanks to his groundbreaking efforts.

See Vice Magazine's coverage of the Cook County mental health crisis and interview with Sheriff Dart

Spotlight: Housing First & Supportive Housing

Spotlight: Access to Coverage & Care

Spotlight: Education & Employment Support

Spotlight: Financial Restructuring/Innovation

Spotlight: Public Safety & Corrections Officer Training & Transformation

Spotlight: Interactive Systems Transformation

Spotlight: Legal Priorities

Spotlight: Policy Priorities

Spotlight: March 23 Presentations

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Washington, DC

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National Models

On American Psychological Association's Consensus Workgroup on Behavioral Health Issues in Criminal Justice Medicaid Funded Supportive Housing The event was hosted by the National Association of Counties. @NACoTweets               Read more about NACo's efforts: NACo's Stepping Up Initiative and Justice and Public Safety Services.

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