Celebrities Highlight Mental Health Issues

May 21, 2018

                As the stigma surrounding mental illness has declined in recent years, so has the reluctance many have had to discuss their own mental health issues, including celebrities. It’s become the new norm… Read more

The Connecticut Experiment

May 15, 2018

Young brains are still evolving. One prison is trying to take advantage of that. A pilot program called TRUE at Cheshire Correctional Institution represents the edge of experimentation for prison officials trying to help a population — young adults, roughly… Read more

I Did It Norway

May 15, 2018

Since 2013, officials from at least a dozen states have toured prisons in Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands on official trips organized by the Prison Law Office and the Vera Institute of Justice. The idea is to expose forward-thinking prison officials… Read more

Improving Criminal Justice ‘Benefits All of Us’

May 1, 2018

Pat Nolan is a leading voice in the national criminal justice reform movement. The former Republican member of the California State Assembly served 29 months in federal custody for racketeering during the 1990s, and after his release he got involved… Read more